Morningside Shirt by FrenchNavy Patterns

Fabric used: embroidered border polycotton

How is the sizing? Relaxed fit with very generous positive ease. Pattern comes in sizes XXS-XXL.

How clear are the instructions? Very good, I’m impressed!

Is it worth buying? Absolutely! There are 2 different styles and lengths (My picture only shows option B). It’s a great price for an indie pattern too.

As soon as the pattern was released, I rushed to buy it. Now, almost 2 years later, I finally made it! I’m terrible for hoarding lots of patterns and getting distracted, anyone else can relate?

I had a lovely stripy embroidered fabric in my stash and thought it was perfect for some statement sleeves. My sleeves are a combination of View A with the flounce from View B.

I would the say the shirt comes together pretty quickly because there are no set-in sleeves to fight with. However, I have never done this type of placket before and instead of sewing it during the day I had to carry on and sew it at night. It wouldn’t be much of a problem if I wasn’t tired and doing something completely new to me. I was very inaccurate in my marking and cutting and it shows. I definitely wanted to wear it so I masked the evidence with a flower. Not the first time I masked a bodge job with flowers.

The funny thing is that despite it being rather imperfect, I really love wearing it. It’s comfy and the sleeves aren’t too long to get caught in all the door handles.

I wore my new Ginger jeans (Closet Case Patterns) for the pictures, they are so comfortable too! I don’t think the world needs another Gingers review but I have the Morgan jeans pattern ready to go so maybe I can do a comparison? Let me know if that would be useful.

Back to Mornigside shirt – it’s a great pattern with excellent instructions and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a boxy shirt/dress.

Monika x

PS: if you’re not familiar with FrenchNavy Patterns you can find them here (not a sponsored or affiliate link, I just like to give a shout out to small businesses 🙂

MÉLILOT SHIRT by Deer and Doe

Fabric used: Viscose, cotton lawn.

How is the sizing? The fit is relaxed with shaping around the waist. The pattern comes in sizes 34 – 52 (EU) in PDF, 34-46 printed. 

How clear are the instructions? Very good.

Is it worth buying? I can highly recommend this pattern, it’s a classic! The price isn’t ridiculous either, €11.

This pattern is a few years old but I can’t see how it would ever go out of style. It’s a classic shirt with a fresh update. There is so much I like about it – the rounded collar, the drop shoulder which makes the sleeve insertion quick and easy, the curved hem, the overall shape… Yes, I’m a fan.

My first version was in cotton lawn and it worked really well. This is definitely one of my most worn items.

Look at this happy soul, she loves her shirt

Deep in thought or grumpy?

I cut a size smaller than the size based on body measurements. I always check the finished garment measurements and go from there. In something like cotton lawn I wouldn’t want too much ease, however for my second version, in viscose, I cut the actual size listed for my body measurement.

The construction is straight forward. If you never made a shirt before, this would be a great pattern to start with as there are no “traditional” sleeves to insert. If you’re unsure about tackling the full collar, you can make View B which has just the collar stand.

Sienna’s jumpsuit is Simplicity 8146 which comes in adult,child and a doll size

Pockets = happiness

There lots of lovely versions of this pattern on Instagram, it looks good on everyone! I can highly recommend it.

Monika x

PS: If you are worried about sewing collars, here is a great blog post on how to tackle them “10 tips and tricks”.

Lola Blouse by FibreMood

[This pattern was gifted. All views are my honest opinions]

Fabric used: Old cotton tablecloth. Recommended fabrics are light cotton, linen and chambray.

How is the sizing? It’s fairly relaxed with around 8cm ease at the bust. Make sure you look at the finished garment measurements to pick the size that will work for you. The pattern comes in sizes 32 – 58 (EU)   0 – 26 (US)   4 – 30 (UK) 

How clear are the instructions? Pretty clear and better than Burda magazine. Sorry Burda.

Is it worth buying? The front is pretty but I’ve seen similar blouses before. However, as soon as I saw the back I had to have it. I would have bought it, especially since the price is only €7.50. You know I’m stingy and I want cheap patterns 🙂

The process

If you look at the sample above, it looks fairly fitted. However, if you cut the size based on your body measurements I think it would be quite loose. So watch out for that and think how much ease you want (my blouse has 5cm in bust area). There are bust darts to give it some shaping.

My fabric choice was an old stained tablecloth. I knew the frills and some embroidery would save it from the landfill. The off-cuts went into kids’ poufs I made earlier this year so it’s a 0 waste project, yay!

The front of the blouse is pretty straight forward. The back is more labour intensive.

You can see from my pictures below that there is quite a bit going on at the back. You have the flounce, the ties and elastic to insert. Is it difficult? No, just a bit fiddly. Each step is clearly explained and illustrated. The pattern is classified as “intermediate” but I would recommend it to any adventurous beginner.


I only ever sew patterns that I love the look of and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. I quite fancy making this again, probably with sleeves. I’m thinking blue chambray with red poppies embroidery. I recommend this pattern to sewists of all levels.

Monika x

PS: My friend Sarah (@sewsarahsmith) has a great blog post on FibreMood patterns in general, I can recommend a read here.

White sleeveless blouse with a flounce and embroidery detail.