Kelly Anorak by Closet Case Patterns Review

Fabric used:  Showerproof Lady McElroy twill, brushed viscose and satin

How is the sizing? The fit is excellent, just the right amount of ease. The pattern comes in sizes 0-20.

How clear are the instructions?  Very clear.

Is it worth buying? This is the most professional looking anorak pattern out there with tons of details. That makes it worth having but it’s a bit pricey. $16 for PDF + $8 for the lining expansion pack. We can’t have it all.

I went for View A, the hood is essential in this rainy part of the world. I had the pattern printed and good job I did because you will cut about 1000000 pattern pieces and then you’ll have to interface them. I must confess I got bored with it after 2 weeks. It took me about 5 months to pick it up again and finish it. Please don’t judge me on this.

The first most challenging part was the gusseted pockets. I know, I didn’t expect a pocket to be difficult either. I sew at night so that doesn’t help but the construction seems to have a lot of steps. Apart from that, the construction of the outer shell and lining was straight forward, not much head scratching to report.

When it was time to tackle the zipper I realised I made a mistake when I was cutting out the front bands – my left and right pieces were swapped. They are different in shape and I didn’t have any fabric left so I had to work with what I had. Every little brain cell was put to work as I stared at the instructions trying to insert the zipper, figuring out how to mirror it.

Terrible photo quality – late night sewing to blame

As I was getting close to the finishing line I kept psyching myself up for the snaps. Imagine finishing your coat and then you ruin it with some dodgy snaps installation!

I took this picture as an evidence I made this coat in case I ruined it at the last step, that’s how worried I was…I’m actually laughing as I’m writing this – the level of pathetic is off the charts.

I should mention that the online sewalong on CCP website is fantastic. It’s definitely worth a quick visit to help you decide if you can tackle this project. I honestly think the level of patience is more important than the level of sewing experience with this pattern.

As much as my sanity was tested, this is my most favourite make of all times. I moan about the high price of this pattern but the quality of drafting and all the small details are worth the investment.

Definitely a proud sewing moment.

Monika x

Look how happy we are in our me-made coats

Hampton Jean / Denim Jacket by Alina Sewing Design Co Review

Fabric used: Heavy denim

How is the sizing? I made a size smaller and I’m very happy with the fit. It looks just like the line drawings. The pattern comes in sizes 0-18. Not that size inclusive.

How clear are the instructions? Very good. The welt pockets tested me though.

Is it worth buying? I didn’t have to do any alteration so it was worth the $15. However, if you have a bigger bust I’m unsure this would work that well.

The Process Review

I’m going to state the obvious here – this jean jacket pattern is a time-consuming sewing project.

You can see from the line drawing that there are quite a few panels to cut out and to overlock. After that you can go wild with denim distressing. My colleague gave me a tip after I finished the jacket – apparently rubbing it against a brick wall is the way to go…or at least that’s what her dad did in the 80’s. Do you remember that Kate Moss advert when she looks into the camera and says “Get the London look”? I imagine those trashed jackets were the London look back then.

The sewalong on Alina Sewing and Design site has all the information you need. All I would say is make sure you have a heavy duty needle and some clips. When you sew the bottom band you will have a lot of layers to work with so holding them together will be just as important as a heavy duty needle.

Let’s look at some close ups. I think it’s important to accept that your topstitching probably won’t be 100% perfect on the whole jacket. Maybe it’s just me but with the bulky seams it was pretty difficult and I’m willing to unpick only so many times.

I wear this jacket a lot, it goes with pretty much everything and I love it. I’d like to make a dark denim version too but I have to be in the right state of mind for this project. It took me about 16 hours from start to finish and right now I want quick and easy wins.

Monika x