Morgan Jeans or Ginger Jeans? Which one is better?

I’ve made the Ginger Jeans by Closet Core (previously Closet Case Patterns) 5 times and as much as I love that pattern I was keen to add a nice pair of boyfriend jeans to my wardrobe.

I have literally just finished the Morgans so it’s a good time to compare these two patterns and see what the main differences are.

Both of these patterns are pretty “old” with plenty of positive reviews so I won’t go into too many details and keep it brief.

Let’s talk about the fit. The Ginger Jeans are skinny with high waist and low + mid-rise options, designed for stretch denim. Morgans are mid-rise, slim leg cut, slightly slouchier fit, designed for non-stretch denim. You can see the difference in the pictures below (ignore the sleepy face on the left).

Zip vs buttons

I really love the button fly on Morgans, I’m a convert! I don’t think I want a zip in my jeans ever again. The Gingers are designed with a zip but you could easily replace it with the button fly.


Gingers also have an option for pocket stays. Not that comfy but it does keep your tummy in. Morgans don’t have this option but it could be easily done by extending the pocket linings.

I think the pockets are the hardest bit because I spend way too much time trying to come up with something original and always end up doing the same old – just topstitching and nothing else. This time I actually went for something different and added some hand embroidery. Simple triangles in DMC variegated thread, I’m so happy with the way they turned out!

In therms of constructions, they are both very easy to put together. I made Gingers after just 1 year of learning to sew. They weren’t perfect but they were wearable. My second pair was my favourite and I wore them to death..until the zip broke (I used a cheap zip, please spend extra £1 and get a proper brand). The Closet Core Patterns have fantastic sewalongs and fitting tips.

These patterns might cost more than the Big 4 but the instructions and attention to detail is absolutely worth every penny, no regrets here. If you haven’t made jeans before, you can definitely do it. If you’re not sure which pattern to choose, and like the look of both, I would suggest to go for the Gingers. You’ll be working with stretch denim and it’s much more forgiving when it comes to fitting. You will also have the option of high waist or mid-rise so perhaps it’s a bit more versatile.

Right now I’m preparing Christmas embroidery kits, making face masks and hoping to finish the new Tamsin dress by BHL. Have you seen it? It’s gorgeous!

Thank you for reading and I hope you try to make jeans if it’s something you haven’t done before and need some new ones 🙂

Monika x

6 thoughts on “Morgan Jeans or Ginger Jeans? Which one is better?

  1. Love all the jeans I’ve attempted paperbag pants and it was a disaster so I’m shying away from jeans

    1. I love paperbag trousers but know they would be a nightmare to fit. I can 100% vouch for Morgan and Gingers..but if you can find well fitting jeans in a shop, maybe sew things that you enjoy making. No need to sew everything 🙂

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