Simplicity 8957 Trousers Review

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Fabric used: Poly Viscose Tartan Suiting Dress in Brown

How is the sizing? The pattern comes in sizes 8-22.

How clear are the instructions? Good, no construction issues.

Is it worth buying? When it’s on a sale, yes 🙂 I think the fit is a bit strange but then I never fit the standard sizing so it might the case of “sorry, it’s not you, it’s me”.

The process

This year I’m on a mission to add more trousers and shorts to my wardrobe. After making the Montauk trousers, Ginger jeans and Jenny overalls I thought this Simplicity 8957 trousers pattern would be a good addition to my wardrobe.

I checked the finished measurements to pick my size. After basting them together and trying them on I nearly cried sewing tears. Big loose trouser leg, baggy front/crotch and too tight around my butt. What? How? Why?

I reduced the seam allowance at the back and sides and that was enough to fix my “hungry bum” issue. I pinned the leg sides and kept fiddling with the them until I was happy with the fit. To fix the baggy front I increased the seam allowance around the upper thigh area and it did the job.

I thought the instructions were good but for the fly front zipper I used my trusted tutorial by Close Case Patterns (opens in new tab). My welt pockets at the back are for show only. I never use back pockets so I didn’t bother making them functional.

Back view of simplicity 8957 trousers, featuring faux welt pockets. Wearing black Adrienne blouse with gathered sleves

Overall, I feel that all my amateurish fitting efforts were worth it. I’m happy with the way they look and feel, they are extremely comfortable too, which is amazing since the fabric isn’t stretchy at all. This pattern cost me a fiver so I’m not going to complain too much as it gave me a good starting point to create something that fits me. RTW would never fit me in woven fabric without any stretch.

I think these trousers can be worn with pretty much anything and I’m looking forward to wearing them with chunky cardigans and jumpers in the autumn.

I think they look great with another new make – the Adrienne blouse by Friday Pattern Company. It was one of the quickest makes ever and I will definitely sew it again. The front and back bodice pieces are the same, so cutting out is very quick. Just what I needed after my fitting nightmare and unpicking.

I really need to look into proper fitting techniques or even better, to create a block? I’ve just purchased the Gabi bodice block pattern, let’s see how that goes first 🙂

Monika x

Monika wearing Simplicity 8957 trousers in brown viscose and white T-shirt, White converse trainers.
Monika wearing Simplicity 8957 trousers and Adrienne blouse, standing in the garden, holding black handbag.
Monika standing in the kitchen wearing Simplicity 8957 trousers with black Adrienne blouse.

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  1. I think what you have done makes them work really well. With reference to blocks, I have made my own blocks for bodice, skirt, dress and trousers and whilst I am glad I have done the work, sometimes blocks are equally frustrating. I have redrawn my bodice and trouser blocks at least twice. I was given some advice last year from a pattern designer. She said if you have a top/garment pattern that you know fits you, use that as your block and work from that.

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