Home and Welcome Hoops

I tend to pick up embroidery when I’m feeling a bit low and can’t focus on sewing. Sometimes I see a post or a picture that inspires me and I drop all my sewing projects and get my embroidery box out.

I’ve been wanting a wall covered in embroidery hoops for ages! I have now decided to cover a small wall by the main entrance with “Welcome” signs in different languages. So far I’ve done Slovakian and English one, clearly I have a long way to go before I fill the wall.

I found this beautiful sparkly felt in my local fabric shop and I made grand plans for some embroidery… BUT this stuff is solid. Each stitch was painful and the hoop took forever.

As much as I love the sparkle, I don’t think I can use it for embroidery in the future.

My sister in law cuts her own wooden signs, paints them and then glues them onto sparkly fabric like this. She made me the beautiful sparkly “Monika’s sewing room” sign I’m holding on the photo on my About Me page. She is incredibly talented, I love her work.

Back to embroidery…

Here is a close up of the second hoop. I couldn’t decide whether to add any flowers to this so I left it plain.

Our kitchen units are in midnight blue and grey and since it’s all open plan I thought this hoop would go with the overall theme.

I also made the cushion you see on this photo and the headboard (my husband helped me with that one). I might do a post on how we made it. When we bought our bed the matching headboard was £300! Our DIY version cost £70 and that includes 3 matching cushions.

I also wanted a nice “Home Sweet Home” sign that would go with the blue and grey scheme.

I couldn’t resist adding some white and yellow flowers.

I painted all 3 hoops in light grey and I think it works well.

My next signs will be in German, Polish and Spanish. Hopefully, at some point this year 🙂

I should have mentioned that I simply drew/wrote the wording on the fabric and then used a combination of split and back stitches to complete.

I saw some beautiful flower hoop PDF designs on Etsy. I think with a simple writing in the middle they would go well with my existing creations. To be continued..watch this space 🙂

Monika x

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