My first attempt at thread painting (or needle painting)

Embroidery… so therapeutic and calming, right? I think it definitely is, if you know what you’re doing! I was talking to my friend at work and we challenged ourselves to push our embroidery to the next level and attempt to thread paint.

Thread painting uses combination of short and long stitches with wide range of colours to create a painted effect. I don’t know what possessed me to try to do a pet portrait but that’s how roll. Believe in yourself and suffer the consequences later.

Seriously gorgeous fluffy thing. Also, a bag made by my mum

I used a calico and cotton embroidery floss, mainly because that’s all I had and just I wanted to go go go. I took it on a holiday with me and made a good progress.

What I wish I did differently: I should have used medium weight fabric fabric or at least interfaced it. My calico was too lightweight. Using 1 strand would have made it look so much neater too.. And I should have made the picture smaller. This ended up being quite big and took more than 20 hours.

Embroidery odyssey

I ended up giving to my friend and it was a good addition to a bunny cushion I made for her when I was her Secret Santa.

I work hard so my bunny can have a better life.

I’m glad I gave it a go, I just wish I did something simple to start with, not someone’s beloved pet!

Monika x

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